Discos, Concerts & Parties


Dancify will provide you with an entertaining experience to finish your course by offering a memorable Concert or Disco that leaves the students buzzing.

Our energetic discos will have your students dancing, playing games and having lots of fun in a structured and controlled environment. Complete with sound system, disco lights and your own bubbly Dancify dance instructor your students will have a ball!

Dancify encourages all our kindergarten and primary school dance courses to end with a parent performance. Students love to showcase the dances and skills they have learned throughout the course to family and friends and even encourage family participation.

This gives students the confidence and self esteem crucial for their ongoing development and happiness.

Students love their Dancify dance programs so much that we now provide private parties.

Whether its a birthday, Christmas, family gathering or christening, Dancify creates a fun party atmosphere.

Our parties are based on our disco format, guided by a dynamic dance instructor to keep your children grooving and moving for hours while you sit back and relax, or even join in the fun!

Please advise our staff of your specific needs and we will aim to please!