Hi everybody! Welcome to our blog.

We’ll often tell anyone that will listen that we here at Dancify have the best job in the world. For our first ever blog post, we thought we would share some of the reasons we think this is true…


The smiles

It’s hard to beat the feeling of walking into a school, kindergarten, or child care centre, and seeing a room full of faces light up. To go along with the smiles, it’s so lovely to hear happy voices calling “hello” – the excitement our students have about their Dancify sessions make us so excited to visit our friends around South Australia and the Northern Territory.


The groovy moves

It’s commonly known that exercise releases endorphins into your body, instantly improving your mood. Put on some funk music and join a class or two of children showing off their wiggly hips, star jumps, or funky monkeys, and the good vibes quickly take over. When teachers join the funky fun. Even better!!!


The creativity

An important part of Dancify courses is discovering ways that children can use their imaginations and harness their creativity. From pretending to be an animal, or imagining that they are on an outer space adventure, to making up their own dance moves and building their own unique dance, there are many different ways we get to see dancers be creative. While we love the dances that we bring to our friends, the ideas that they share with us are even more special – we’re always learning new moves and styles!


The sharing

Without a doubt, one the best parts of a Dancify course is performing for parents and friends, at a concert or special family showcase. It’s wonderful to watch children perform for their loved ones, and even better when those loved ones get up and join in a dance (a very important part of Dancify performances). We love watching parents share these special moments with their children.

We often also hear about dancers going home after a Dancify session to show off their new moves – this makes us extra proud, as children take their energy and excitement and share it with others.


The achievements

Over the course of the year, we see many of our friends learn to do things that haven’t been able to before. In many kindergartens, new skills such as balancing and improved flexibility are just some of the benefits we see after Dancify courses.

At the schools we visit, we are always so proud to see students master intricate steps that at first were challenging to them, and then take on a leadership role to share their own moves and teach their classmates how to do them. Observing this perseverance and growing confidence is always a highlight.


The fun, fitness, and friends

To put it simply, we believe that dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay fit and healthy. When things get super busy and we spend entire days dancing, the muscles that are usually the most tired at the end of the day are our cheeks – from all the smiling!

We get to share the laughter and the love of dance with so many children (and adults too). It’s hard to have a bad day when you’re a Dancify instructor.


We would love to hear from you about what is your favourite things about your Dancify course, or just about dancing in general. And if you ever need a bit of a pick-me-up, the Dancify team officially recommends putting on your favourite song and practising your favourite dance moves.


Until we see you again, happy dancing!

Heidi and Erin x